Hello, I thought you might want to know about a new website at It contains a wonderful library of cartoons created in the late 70's by Orsatti Productions  Inc., that was part of the initial push back then to convert to the Metric  System in the United States of America. The work is part of the recruited Hanna
Barbera and Disney's best, at the time.

The website provides award  winning animated educational videos for children K-6, that illustrate the  essentials of the S. I. Metric System. The library has recently been restored
and re mastered beautifully. All 40 videos are online as a subscription at for educators and home schooled to use as a very entertaining  teaching tool to learn the Metric System.

All the videos are easily  viewed on devices from desktop computers to smartphones with the HTML 5 video  compliant browsers.

The children laugh and learn; engaged and entertained
watching 40 videos. It all has the great music and songs, brilliant color and  beautifully animated award-winning characters such as Metric Man and the MLAGS(a
group of little characters who know all about meters, liters and  grams).

This is the largest finest animated metric library K-6 in
English, that I am aware of.  now have previews on  Youtube:

It  is 6 minutes previews on YouTube of laughing and learning with little characters  are all over the place teaching metrics. These cute promo previews demonstrates  the quality of our award-winning educational new web site 

I would truly  appreciate if you would review our website to consider as one of  your approved resources. As you will see in our website we have many awards and  each video is accredited.

Thank you for your time and  consideration.

Kolette Herrick Orsatti
Productions Inc., dba



An American Homeschooler in Switzerland comments:
Seems like this site is more for Americans. 
The videos will probably end up on eventually. 
They are not so useful for Swiss people unless they are for  English practice.
Kind regards