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Verdingkinder - ein dunkles Kapitel der CH-Geschichte

Ballenberg - Ausstellung über Verdingkinder

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Der Verdingbub-Film (lief im Kino)

Der Verdingbub (Hintergründe über den Film, DVD)

umfangreiches Schulmaterial (gegen das Vergessen)

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    Ariane Becker (Montag, 05 Mai 2014 11:11)


    For those who would rather see the beautiful than the ugly, the good than the bad, I have another story to tell. My grandfather sisters who lived in the country adopted after the war five orphans, girls and boys, some physically or mentally handicapped. They were raised with such good care that the one girl that came with braces on her legs became a perfectly healthy and beautiful woman who is still alive and well.